Wayne Alan Grading Scale

At Wayne Alan we use our own 6-point grading system to determine your card's overall grade.
All cards are inspected by a minimum of 2 different trained & tested graders.
10 · Gem Mint

A WAG 10 Gem Mint is a virtually flawless card for all intents and purposes, exhibiting no apparent flaws of any kind. Allowances may be made for very minor manufacturer imperfections not immediately apparent to the naked eye. Centering must be 60/40 or better on both the front and back.

9 · Mint

A WAG 9 Mint is a near perfect card with a limited number of very minor flaws that disqualify it from Gem Mint. Upon first glance a WAG 9 may appear to be a 10, but close inspection will reveal its imperfections. Centering must be at least 60/40 on the front, but may be worse on the back.

8 · Near Mint

A WAG 8 Near Mint card is a card in fantastic condition, but may exhibit multiple minor flaws that bring it down from Mint status. These flaws should not detract heavily from the overall appeal of the card, but will be more apparent upon inspection. Front centering must be 70/30 or better.

7 · Excellent

A WAG 7 Excellent card is as its name implies — in excellent condition. Cards of this condition have been well preserved, but may have been handled without protection occasionally. Several minor flaws will be apparent, but no bends, rips, tears, or stains.

6 · Great

A WAG 6 Great is a card which shows signs of having been played with, but still retains its overall structure and is still visually appealing to most collectors. Flaws begin to be substantially more noticeable, but no bends, rips, tears or stains are allowed.

5 · Good

A WAG 5 Good card shows more substantial flaws, scratches, edge nicks, smudges and dents, but keeps its overall structure in tact without creases or tears. Cards of this grade were likely used in decks and were handled often without protection.

4 · Fair

A WAG 4 Fair is a card that shows substantial signs of having been played, several instances of damage are apparent, scratches, dents, minor creases, but no tears or rips of any kind are allowed.

3-1 · DMG+, DMG, DMG-

WAG 3-1 are grades reserved for cards with heavy damage. Bends, creases, tears, heavy scratches, and dents are all judged here. Damage is observed on a scale from 3 to 1 and averaged out to determine the final grade.