Who was

Wayne Alan

Wayne Alan was a decorated war hero turned fervent trading card store owner. He approached his passion with the same valor he demonstrated during his service, curating his collection with a keen eye for detail and unyielding work ethic. Every card told a story, and each of his pristine collections was a testament to his commitment, diligence, and meticulous nature.

As a father, Wayne's patience and wisdom guided his son through the world of trading cards, as well as life itself. Inspired by his character, he created Wayne Alan Grading to honor his father's legacy, and to uphold the standards he lived by. Each card we grade here at WAG embodies Wayne's meticulous eye and indomitable spirit, preserving the integrity of the card and the values of an exceptional man.


Timeless aesthetic.


Elegantly designed with a classic aesthetic that amplifies your card's appeal, our crystal-clear, high-grade acrylic displays ensure an unobstructed view of your card from all angles. WAG displays offer premium protection, featuring a secure, tamper-evident seal and durable materials that help protect against physical damage.

Uncomprimising quality

Real Engraved Metal

We spare no expense turning your prized cards into beautiful displays that will last generations. Each and every label is custom engraved on ultra high quality solid metal.


Five Point Grading

Our grading system is designed to holistically assess a card's condition, focusing on five key aspects: Centering, Corners, Edges, Surface, and Eye Appeal. While efficient, no relevant aspect of the card's condition is overlooked, resulting in a balanced and fair grade.

Commitment to excellence

Handled by experts

Our team has combined experience of decades in the industry, bringing in-depth knowledge to the grading of each card.

Accuracy & Consistency

WAG Grading Scale

Learn about the Wayne Alan grading scale, what our professional graders look for, and how to give yourself an edge when selecting cards to send in.


We're here to help

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